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Thread: Great January meeting

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    Great January meeting

    I’m a “fair weathered” club member. I make 3-5 meetings a year and both auctions. So I only have a limited experience base to draw from with AAAA. That being said, Yesterday was the best meeting I’ve been to. Both the club business and the program were informative and the auction was well run. It was also encouraging to see so many people there.
    Combine the meeting with the news of the events coming up in the next few months and I think 2018 is starting off as a great year for AAAA. Board, your hard work is paying dividends.


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    There are no words for how much this kind Post means to me and all of us on the BoD Rick! Thank you so much!
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    Hey Rick, thank you for your post. It was awesome seeing everyone yesterday and all the new folks was a pleasant suprise. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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    Super bummed I had to miss this one =/ Especially after all of the amazing feedback I'm hearing.
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    Thank you Rick. It is really good to hear that kind of feedback. The meeting definitely charged my batteries and I think that the rest of the officers and BOD would agree. I was thrilled to see so many people there. Especially so many new, young folks.


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