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Thread: Transferring fish to a new tank

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    Transferring fish to a new tank

    I am having trouble with black beard algae again and decided to start again with a clean tank. I have treated all decorations and equipment to be used on the new tank. The only thing coming from the old tank is the fish. My concern is that when I transfer the fish they may introduce bba into the new tank. Does this sound likely? Are there precautions I can take when transferring the fish to the new tank? Any comments/suggestion would be very appreciated.

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    Algae doesnt normally stick to the fish... I would be more concerned about getting the aquarium all stirred up from chasing fish and then getting some algae suspended in the water and you net some of it out with the fish.

    Consider a third container... mostly new water no substrate... that you could put the fish in for a few minutes... let everything settle, then maybe even siphon that container to remove all the sediment in the bottom.

    Then with a brand new never before used net, softly capture fish and move to the new tank.

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    Thanks that sounds like a good idea

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    I have one tank with BBA.

    It has been bleached twice.

    It has different fish, different substrate, different filters, and different lights every time I have set it up.
    It still grows BBA every time I set it up.

    Some tanks are cursed.

    The good news is that BBA does not grow in unheated tanks kept in unheated basements in the winter. It will be choked with the stuff in July.
    - Jeremy

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    The tank I have unheated for my lepodita is literally covered in the stuff. All the wood has a nice coating of fuzz. Though it doesn't transfer for me between tanks, when I do water changes using the same hoses.

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    I stand corrected.
    - Jeremy


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