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    I got couple discus I would like to sell, 2 tangerine 2 white ghost 1 snake skin 1 turquoise 1 red and couple angel fish and nice pleco and a bunch of other fish. Asking $400 for all

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    Are you willing to sell separately? If so, what kind is the pleco?

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    Do you have any pic's of the Angels?

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    Pleco- I got 4 goldnugget, albino bristlenose, n zebra look a like, n other one I forgot the name.
    angle- I got 1 platinums 2 blue n the other donít remember, 2 of them is a pair n have lay eggs before
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    Any pictures of the plecs?

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    I am looking for a couple plecos that I donít already have for my new 75g. I am interested in a gold nugget and the zebra if you will sell separately. Or may be the other one you forgot name instead depending on what it is.
    If so, how much and could we meet at the February meeting to exchange?

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    Are the fish still for sale?

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    Yes they still for sale but my water is so cloudy I canít take any pictures, Iím going to do a big water change tonight n will posts some pictures by tomorrow

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    I am still interested in a pleco or two if they are still available. I especially am interested in the zebra variety.

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    Sorry someone bought Everything already.


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