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Thread: Salt?

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    I have read and heard people suggest I use salt in my freshwater aquariums. What are your views and what kind of salt can or do you use? I have a shrimp and crayfish tank, and a few cichlid tanks.

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    You do not need to add salt to a freshwater tank. I have never used it except when treating an illness.
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    Only time I use salt is when somethings wrong, either illness or injury. Now though they might be saying you need some sort of buffer to increase pH and gH though.

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    Same as above. If there are no issues with your creatures, leave the salt on the table.

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    Thanks, I had a message from someone saying I needed it in my shrimp tank and so I thought I would double check.

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    I use salt in my African tanks. In my shrimp tanks, I just use tap water or possibly RO water with a demineralization depending on species. I do have some mineral balls in my shrimp tanks to aid in the development of shells. Have never heard anything about using salt in shrimp tanks.

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    My pH is 7.5 if I don't do anything with my water. I remove chlorine using pharmaceutical vitamin c, and that's it.


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