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Thread: Tanks and More

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    Tanks and More

    Hello everybody! Looking to upgrade my tank at the moment, so the following is for sale:
    ~120lb of dry live rock. Asking $1.50 a pound.
    60 Gallon tank and stand. NICE wooden stand, standard 60 tank. Not drilled. -$150
    35 Gallon Hex tank and stand. -$75
    25 Gallon cube and stand – $55
    Reef octopus HOB 100 – $85
    (All is OBO)
    More to come. Will post pics when I get the chance. Located in Alpharetta, text at 6787612933. Thanks!

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    Reef octopus is sold.
    35 Hex reduced to $70.cubetank.jpghex.jpghex.jpg


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