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Thread: Chinese Algae Eater (tips/info welcome)

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    Chinese Algae Eater (tips/info welcome)

    I'm taking over care for my school's (where I teach, not attend) 20g tank. Pretty sure someone put a Chinese Algae Eater in there, which I definitely do not want to deal with once it gets bigger. Looking to rehome it, is this an impossible task? I would also love more information. First of all, can anyone confirm that's what this guy is? Also, how quickly do they grow/at what point will it likely become more problematic in the aquarium? It's about 3 inches at the moment, no idea how long it's been with us. Thanks!


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    that looks more like a garra. at first glance. its not a bothersome fish and wont get all that big....its fine there

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    if you keep him barbs or faster moving fish it will fine, they just like to suck on sides of slower fish, as they get bigger they are not really algae eaters only start liking other things. depends on what you keep with him if will be an issue.

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    I would take him, but I live in Acworth.


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