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Thread: Figure 8 puffer

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    Figure 8 puffer

    Anyone have one that they would like to re-home or seen one in any of the stores in the ATL area? I've been looking for several weeks and none of the stores are able to get one in. Got a tank all ready for a little guy and nothing :(

    I'd appreciate an eyeball kept out if any of you visit any stores, and just let me know if you happen to find one.

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    Did you went to Atlanta aquarium on pleasant hill, I saw they carry a lot of different kind of puffer.

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    Hi- yes I've been there several times. In the last few months when I've checked they've had green spot and dwarf puffers but no figure 8 :( thanks for the suggestion though!

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    Figure 8s are just not around right now at the farms and wholesalers. I just did a quick check with the major suppliers and none of them are listing them right now. A lot of these odd ball fish are out of season and just simply don't stock/ship during the winter months. You might have be a patient for a couple weeks - month before they start popping up again. We would be happy to put you on our special order list, we will check every week until they are available somewhere and then contact you.

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    Hi Jakub--

    I figured it was a seasonal thing, and am just keeping an eye out- just thought I'd put the word out as I realized that sometimes people re-home fish and I imagine it's difficult to find a ready-to-go home for a brackish fish. I'm just bummed because you had one ( I believe a customer drop-off) at your store a few months ago and I *almost* bought him but decided against it because I really didn't have an appropriate tank available for him. And then I proceeded to set-up a F8 tank like two weeks later.... oh well. I'd be happy to go on your order list- I prefer to buy fish from your store as they are always healthier looking than everywhere else- I just know you guys don't do brackish setups so I figured it would be easier to find one at a store that has dedicated tanks set up.


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