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Thread: What is happening here

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    It's an excellent euthanasia option for prized fish. If she is still eating, though, I suppose I can understand why you are holding out hope. I'm not sure what else you can do or a fish with blunt force injuries other than clean water and to keep secondary infections at bay. It's been three weeks, almost four, and the fish's health and quality of life is declining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobMajor View Post
    Have had this happen to other species of fish.Might be stress related but the fish usually does not recover and slowly loses appitite and withers away
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    she has started eating again. over the last two days she is almost back to a regular amount of food.

    I have changed meds back to the furan-2 as I did not let that run the full cycle. I will run it and see if there is any more improvement.

    She is still head standing but she is only showing the real dark coloration on the back half of her body.
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    Good to hear. Glad you hung in there and gave the fish a chance.


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