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Thread: 2 angels and 1 pearl gourami

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    2 angels and 1 pearl gourami

    Still looking for a Finforever Home! One striped angel 6 inches, one marble angel 5 inches and one lonely gourami.

    All FREE to a great home!

    Please text if interested at 404-403-8050
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    Where are you located?

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    Says Cumming.

    Any chance you are coming to the meeting Saturday?
    I would take them, But I do not believe I am going to be able to get up there prior to Saturday.
    - Jeremy

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    I would also be interested

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    I can house them until the auction if needed.


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    Hi! I am in Cumming. Please text if interested 404-403-8050

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    Whoops! That would have been a great idea as you are right around the corner from me! sorry I missed this!

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    They are still available if you'd like them! Please text 404-403-8050. thanks

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    Thanks, but I was offering to house them temporarily for you. I have a tank with space for them. I do have other plans for the tank stocking though.



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