I recently got into keeping shrimp. I picked up a couple rimless TopFin tank setups from PetSmart on sale. Figured they were worth a shot for 30 bucks. They come with an integrated overflow filter, but I cut that out and use sponge filters. Anyway, the kit came with an LED fixture that I didn't place much value on. No big deal because I'm keeping shrimp and mostly using java moss. I just watched a "real fish talk" review of this set up, and he tested the par value of the light. It came out reading 33-34 and he suggested that (with some know-how) one could grow a pretty wide range of plants.

Any thoughts on this? Any suggestions for carpeting or low/foreground type plants? I may be over simplifying how much par plays into the equation and would have to factor in spectrum and things like that. If I'm missing something, set me straight. I appreciate any help and guidance!