I acquired a few of the display tanks from the aviarium when it shut down and they are all salt and it was a big mistake on my side, a bit more labor intensive than the time I have. all the livestock seems to be doing fine but I have parts and pieces to sell I am keep the tanks but the live stock and fish , rock, sand , skimmers , T5 lighting needs to go.

I know this is a freshwater forum but I know there are some salties out there too.

zebra eel
moray eel snowflake
3 triggers- pink, red blue throat
bird wrasse green
blue spot stingray
commom brown stingray?
coral shark
purple tang
flag fin angel
rock beauty angel
alot of chromis green
saltwater betta
yellow tang
alot of various wrasses fairy- a few hawaiian and a japanese
I have a 70 gallon with coral in it all softies and anemones
got a ton of live rock
a few nice quality skimmers
a nice size sump
a few boxes of reef crystals salt
three T5 lights HO
the whole thing I would do for 400.00 and I know its a hell of a deal so it maybe a joint effort by a few guys but this particular part of the hobby doesnt interest me at all.

678-618-2750 text please