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Thread: Anybody interested in some gorgeous discus fish???

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    Anybody interested in some gorgeous discus fish???

    Gauging interest in some of my discus. If interested can send pics. Mostly 3.5 to 4.5. A few red snakeskins, 3 leopards, 3 red turqs and 3 tiger carnation turqs. If anyone's interested I can either learn how to post pics or send them to your phone. The prices range from $45 to 50. Thanks in advance... Keith

    PS also no shipping. I'm in the Austell - Powder Springs area.
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    I would be interested. I have other discus and have been looking for more. Thanks Larry 6787562611 or email send pictures. degree

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    I have someone coming by this afternoon, I'll contact you after they leave. Thanks...
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    Fish are back on the table... Any takers???

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    Fish sold, thanks for looking.


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