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Thread: 200 Gallon Glass Stainless Steel Aquarium

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    Thumbs Up 200 Gallon Glass Stainless Steel Aquarium

    Beautiful 200 gallon glass stainless steel aquarium. plus Eheim 2028 canister filter, plus 200W Eheim heater, plus 400W Theo Hydor heater, egg tumbler, plus a cooler filled with colored gravel. $800 OBO
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    Quote Originally Posted by biggfrny View Post
    Beautiful 200 gallon glass stainless steel aquarium. $800 OBO.
    Great looking tank! Reminds me of the art deco slate bottom tanks.

    Wish I could afford it AND had room for it.

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    How old is the tank?

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    That's a super nice tank indeed Brother. Im no longer in the market for one but I will be sure to tell my friends.

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    When is the last it had water in it? If it doesn't leak. Email me at maybe we can work something out. Really neat looking.


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    I purchased about two years ago. It had water in at that time and it was not leaking. You can contact me at 770-343-9993.



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