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Thread: Quarantine tank advice for new fish

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    Quarantine tank advice for new fish

    Hi all,

    I purchase new fish from the LFS and online. In the past I'd receive them, acclimate to water temp in my main tank and then dump them in. However I've been reading that this is not the best practice and that new fish should be quarantined and treated before introducing to the main tank. What are your thoughts?

    1) Should new fish be quarantined and if so for how long
    2) If I quarantine should I preemptively medicate/treat for worms, infections, illness and other
    3) If so what are some good products to use "General Cure" was one that i've seen on some threads

    Any other thoughts, comments or idea are welcome.


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    New fish should always be quarantined. Usually for about 4 to 5 weeks. The only fish that I might treat in quarantine (with no visible signs of illness) would be a wild fish. Most of the time, I get my wilds from importers I trust so I don't treat them either because the importer already has.
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