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Thread: Flow Rate

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    Flow Rate

    I am looking to set up a malaysian themed tank. (I don't think I'll be able to claim the term biotope on this tank but it won't be far off) 2 of my fish choices, both gourami's, prefer a slower flow rate from what I'm reading. My return pump is pushing 1500gph through a spray bar and creates a quite a stir in the tank. (Tank size is 215 gal.) Evidence of the 'stir' is plant movement in all areas of the tank and fish obviously reacting to the current in the center 60% of the tank where flow is the strongest. Restricting flow on the output seems to cause some cavitation with this pump. I'd prefer to not buy a smaller pump. My thinking is to increase the hole size in the spray bar plus add a few. The downside to making this adjustment is less detritus being kept in suspension and not getting to the overflows.

    Am I too concerned with water flow for the blue and pearl gourami's?

    Is there another option to keep the same amount of water flowing through the sump but reduce the rate of flow in the tank?


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    I don't think I would modify the spray bar. You may be a bit too concerned about the flow, but I wouldn't be surprised if they tend to occupy the 40% of the tank with less direct flow. Any chance of re-positioning the output?

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    Yes, there is. With your suggestion in mind I went back and took another look at the tank. There's a second 'cut out' in the overflow I believe will allow for a 'T' to be put on the main return line. Right now there's a 90 off the return. I could use the existing spray bar, cut it and create 2 outputs and effectively decentralize the flow. The nice thing is that one of the new outputs could be oriented to push water the length of the tank. I think that would fix my concerns with water flow.

    I'm excited to be doing this build. I was planning on moving 6 months ago so I shut down my tanks. Since those plans have now changed I can jump back into the hobby with both feet rather than just a toe. (I kept one tank running to prevent overwhelming feelings of withdrawal. lol)

    Next is substrate. I'm looking for a 1 to 4 mm grain size with assorted shades of brown. The Caribsea brand (I think??) cichlid sand would be okay (color is a bit light) if it weren't for it's pH buffering properties. Pond filter sand is too small and too white for this build I think. Play sand from HD is closer in color but still too small. If anyone has a suggestion feel free to chime in!



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