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Thread: 2018 spring auction volunteer sign up

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    Thumbs Up 2018 spring auction volunteer sign up

    Spring 2018 Auction Volunteer Signup Sheet

    Hello Everyone,

    Below is the link to sign-up to volunteer to help out at this years Spring Auction:

    Please volunteer to help out at the auction. Without our club members volunteering to help out we would not have an auction. Luckily, that has yet to happen. Besides, it's a great way to get involved with the club and get to know each other. Please notice that the positions have been split up into hourly time periods. While you'll see many of us volunteer for the entire day, you don't have to. You can volunteer for a few hours or you can switch positions if you would like to try something different. In most cases, there are multiple positions available for each time slot. Any positions highlighted in green below require prior approval before you can sign up. Just PM me if you are interested.

    Volunteer Position Descriptions (these descriptions are also on the sign-up page):
    Morning Setup and Registration - Setup tables and chairs, cover tables, and post signage. Run power, setup computers, setup audio, help with registration, etc. (50 Fish Bucks/hour)
    Bag Picker - Transfers bags from the viewing tables to the staging tables while paying close attention to priority bags. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Bag Stager - Visually examines each bag and verifies that bags are suitable to go on the auction tables, paying close attention to priority bags. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Slip Originator - Hand writes the items number and description for each item. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Slip Data Entry - Enters the item number into the computer and presses the lookup button to fill in the item description. If no description appears for the item you must enter a description manually. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Slip Bid Recorder - Hand writes the bidder number and price for each item auctioned. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Runner - Delivers the item and bidder slip to the bidder, gets a signature from the bidder, gives the bidder a copy of the bidder slip, and drops the bidder slip off to the Slip Bid Data Recorder (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Slip Bid Data Recorder - Enters the bidder number and price from the bidder slips into the computer and resolves any inconsistencies before handing the bidder slips over to the Slip Organizer. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Slip Organizer - Collects all the bidder slips and organizes them according to bidder number. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Payment Processor- Processes payments at checkout and helps resolve any inconsistencies found by the Bid Slip Data Recorders Must check with Auction Coordinator before volunteering for this position. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Buy-It-Now Tables - Monitors the Buy-It-Now tables and enters Buy-It-Now slip information into the computer (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Membership Registration - Gathers information and membership dues for new and renewing club members. Must check with Auction Coordinator before volunteering for this position. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Buy-It-Now Data Entry - Data entry for But-It-Now rush period (25 Fish Bucks)
    Food Coordinator - Collects payment for drinks and food throughout the auction. Makes sure food and drink items are stocked and ready to be sold. Early time slots will also need to pickup food and drinks for the auction. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Auctioneer - Receives bags from the auction tables, calls out the item number, describes the item, auctions the item, and hands the item to a Runner. Must check with Auction Coordinator before volunteering for this position. (25 Fish Bucks/time slot)
    Evening Cleanup - Helps pack everything up, stacks tables and chairs, inspects auction area and bathrooms to make sure they are in their original state (50 Fish Bucks/hour)
    General - You want to help but don't know what you want to do. Sign up for the general position and we will make sure you can help somehow.

    As you can see it takes a lot of people to run the auction. If you enjoy our auctions, please volunteer to help out.

    Stewart Pence (Stew55)
    Auction Chair
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    I'm in for a few slots. As a reminder to all who will be attending the auction - the event doesn't happen without the ACTIVE support of many individuals. Everyone who is there is capable of volunteering in some capacity. Sure, some jobs require certain knowledge or skills, but don't underestimate your talent. Get involved. You will find it can be a lot of fun too.

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    How to be a successful Runner

    1. Stand up in the front of the stage; see everything coming up for auction.

    2. Take the bag from the auctioneer.

    3. Watch the bidding so you know where the bag goes.

    4. Get clipboard with the receipt. It has a pen attached.

    5. Carry bag to buyer.

    6. Have buyer sign the receipt.

    7. Give the buyer the bottom copy.

    8. Take the top copy to data entry.

    9. Return to the line and turn in the clipboard.
    - Jeremy

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    Jeremy - you forgot #10 ..... HAVE FUN.

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    Hey folks, the auction is just 2 days away. There are many volunteer positions that still need to be filled. Please share the workload and sign up for an hour or two. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Guys... I'm not going to be able to make it this weekend. First one I have missed in several years. I know it will go well. See you in May.
    Ron VanZant

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    We will definitely miss you. Hope all is well.


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