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Thread: Need Solutions for powering multiple sponge filters in (3) tanks

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    Need Solutions for powering multiple sponge filters in (3) tanks

    Hi fellow hobbyist,

    I'd like to know what you all are using/recommending for provide adequate air to multiple sponge filters. I have (2) breeder tanks and a community tank with (2) sponge filters.
    Today I have (3) air pumps, one for each breeder tank and one with a splitter on it for the (2) filters in the community tank.

    This is what I'm currently using.

    (1) Tetra 10 air pump

    (1) Tetra 40 air pump with a 3way splitter

    (1) JW Fusion 200 air pump

    (4) Hydro Sponge Pro Filter

    What do you all recommend for:

    (1) a quality and "low noise" air pump that can effectively drive (4) sponge filters. My setup is on stand in a bedroom so "noise" is a big deal

    (2) quality air splitter, something like this for example but I'm looking for one that routes the air correctly. The one i currently have seems to favor peak air flow to the port closest to the inlet line.
    (3) check valve, efficient with low resistance
    (4) air stones to install in sponge filters.

    Thanks in advance

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    I've got 3 of these at the moment running 18 various sponge filters. They put out a lot of air and the flow is adjustable, which I really like. They seem fairly quiet.

    If you go with the 4 outlet model you won't need a splitter, but you may still need control valves to balance the air flow.

    As for check valves and air stones, I just use the cheap ones you can buy on Amazon in bulk and haven't had any problem. (I don't use air stones in my sponge filters, though.)

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