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Thread: What are you bringing to the auction thread

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    What are you bringing to the auction thread

    These threads get people excited about the auction. Itís like Mecums showing pictures of the cool cars before their auctions.

    So...what are you bringing?

    Cumming, Ga

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    Here's some of what I plan to bring...
    Red Cherry Shrimp
    Crystal Red Shrimp
    Bristlenose plecos

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    Is anyone interested in some decapsulated brine shrimp eggs? These are the non-hatching type, ready to feed directly to fry and smaller fish. I prefer soaking the eggs first, just a quick shake with a little water in a vial from a water test kit. Some saltwater critters like them also. I just bought a quantity and can readily spare some of it. 4 ounce might be a good minimum, but PM me if you want some. I will be at the auction.

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    I posted a list in the for sale section
    An empty tank is a terrible thing to waste

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    Anyone know if there will be aquascaping rock for sale at the auction? It will be my first auction so I'm pretty clueless! Trying to decide if I should wait on purchasing something really nice there, or go ahead and get started with (tested!) rock from a landscaping place or something.

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    Except for one auction where a seller brought a trailer load of rock, in general it is hit or miss on rocks at the auction. Check with Tangfan about what he has available:!

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    I will be bringing some plants, bristlenose cats, livebearers, and a couple of bettas

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    Anybody bringing Discus?

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    Who was seller 170? I bought some kyoga flamebacks (group of 5) and had a few questions about them.


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