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Thread: 65 Gal tall with all the fixins!

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    65 Gal tall with all the fixins!

    I would like to say thanks to the AAA community for the support, advice and encouragement that I received over the last 10 years in this hobby that I took up 20 years ago. Kinda sad to post that last of my stuff, but it's time...

    65 gallon tall with all the fixins!
    • Stand has interior power and light
    • Protective underwater filter bottom of tank for rock
    • Glass hood
    • 2 20 inch fluorescent fixtures that work
    • 2 C4 filters. Sadly, I only have one motor, activated carbon, some media
    • 1 6 foot syphon
    • 2 large pieces of resin d้cor
    • 150w thermometer
    • testubes, salinity meter, maracide, Bendazole, chemi-pure, chichlid buffer, cichlid salt, adhesive sealant
    • air pump with tubing, check valves, t valves
    • gravel


    $65 - text at 404-403-8050
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    Just sent you a text. Interested if still available.

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    And I'd like to be second on the list of potential takers.

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    I will let you bump up to first. It is just too much of a drive for me and I think I am going to go big and look for a 125 gallon.

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    Picked it up yesterday. Now I have to make a space for it!

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    Glad you were able to get it. I hated to pass up the deal, but need to focus on finding a 125g.

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