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Thread: Crystal Red Shrimp - Auction Delivery

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    Crystal Red Shrimp - Auction Delivery

    Hello, I need to slim down my colony of CRS. I live close to the auction and can deliver them to you there. I will only be selling to those that want a large number of shrimp at this time, but the deal for Sunday canít be beat.

    Auction Day Deal - 50 CRS for $80.

    PM your cell number if you would like me to text pictures.



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    You can also put them into the auction. They usually sell quite well. You don't have to stick around either, as payment to sellers is sent by check after the treasurer completes the audit, usually 10-14 days.

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    Great deal. Wish I had the tank for them. I do agree with Buck. They do well at auction so while it may be a pain, a few extra bags can probably garner extra payout.

    Disclaimer- plus auction sales benefit and help fund the club.


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