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Thread: 2018 Spring Auction THANKS TO ALL!

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    Thumbs Up 2018 Spring Auction THANKS TO ALL!

    Thanks to all who worked the auction stations! It couldn't happen without you! This auction was my first Auction Chairperson gig (still learning) and I had a great time, mainly because of the experience level of all of the auction staff allowing things to be resolved quickly and keeping things on track. Thanks for making it an very enjoyable event.

    Thanks to all who attended and participated in the bidding. It was a great crowd with lots of great fish/plants to pick from.

    Thanks again, hope to see you all at the May 5th picnic at Premier Aquatics.


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    Thank you for all the work you put in to make it happen! We had a few curve balls and you were able to handle them so that they were invisible to most. One heck of a "first auction" as Chair. Great job!

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    Hope you were exposed to enough of the inner workings during the day to feel comfortable moving forward. Now we await our Treasurer to tally the results.

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    I had fun and got some of Larry Bugg’s awesome angelfish. First time going to an auction like this ever. Now I know how it all works I will be prepared for the fall auction.

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    It was my first as well. My biggest takeaway was that I need more cash and more space waiting at home. Will look forward to the next one.

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    I had a good time and enjoyed getting involved. Learned some new things so I can take on other rolls in the fall!

    Thanks to the leadership for all their hard work!

    Good job Stewart!

    More space....totally agree! LOL



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