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Thread: Aquascaping Stone Sets

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    Aquascaping Stone Sets

    Only 1 set left and its a beauty.

    Hi everyone. For those that do not know me I am a passionate aquascaper and have been sharing my experience and knowledge since 2012 in hopes that others will join this wonderful hobby. To that end I have exciting news for those looking for some awesome aquascaping stones. I have ten aquascaping stone sets available for local pickup (Alpharetta, GA). Each set includes hand selected stones that match and vary in size from small to large and in sufficient quantity. Perfect for aquascaping.

    Stones have been pressure washed and are ready for use.

    Sets 1 - 8 are Yin stone (Seriyu like). They will raise alkalinity and hardness of the water over time. I've been using them for years in my competition aquascapes and have never had any issues.

    Set No. 1 - SOLD

    Set No. 2 - SOLD

    Set No. 3 - SOLD

    Set No. 4 - 100.2 pounds - $275 (~ $2.75 per pound)

    Set No. 5 - SOLD

    Set No. 6 - SOLD

    Set No. 7 - SOLD

    Lava Rock Set - SOLD

    Please message me with any questions if you are interested in a stone set. I am accepting cash and Paypal for payment. Paypal will include a 3% fee increase to the set price.

    These are first come first serve so don't hesitate as these opportunities are rare. Payment holds the set.

    Jeff Miotke
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    Wow!! Those are some awesome sets.

    Why are all the cool postings so far away?
    And why am I wanting to spend $250 on rocks? Lol.

    They are really nice and I really do wish I was closer and had a spare ~$250.

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    Time for a roadtrip!!! You know you want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mot View Post
    Time for a roadtrip!!! You know you want to.
    Well, I am looking for a 125g fish tank so if I am able to pull that off and you still have set #2 at that time, I may take a road trip.

    I will check with you at that time. Do you also have wood?

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    Just wondering. Is this something you could bring to the monthly meeting to meet up?

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    No on the question if I have any wood for sale. Yes I would be willing to make a monthly meeting now that I'm semi-retired. I think it would be fun to meet folks.

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    Aquascaping Stone Sets

    Would you be open to splitting a set #2?

    OR, if there is someone interested in going in on a set with me and splitting it??

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    Will be at this Saturday's meeting. Let me know if you want me to bring some stones.

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    Only a few sets of stone left folks! Price drops on the lava and mountain stone to ridiculously low prices.

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    I'll take the mountain stone

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