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Thread: My 125g tank build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Burleson View Post
    I just want to say, I absolutely adore the colour and positioning of the rockwork. The aesthetics are incredible!
    Thank you! I got to add some of the fish today. So exciting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tfreema View Post
    Thank you! I got to add some of the fish today. So exciting!
    Pics or it didn’t happen!

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    What would you do with this plant-wise? The only thing I have set is to get some weeping moss to hang on the branches here and there.

    I have some bacopa, mermaid weed, rotala, ludwigia repens, small buce, anubias petite, and dwarf lily in the plant nursery to use.

    This side has amazon sword, java fern and mosses (java and subwassertang) on wood behind branch, jungle val, crypt balansae, crypt pontederiifolia, star grass, s. repens, anubias and buce on the wood. Back left corner has plant that shall not be named.

    This side has red tiger lotus, amazon sword, crypt retrospiralis, on the wood is anubias barteri, nana, nana petite, buce, java fern, and I cannot remember what the little plant is up front left.

    Current Stocking:
    7 neon tetras (20 more in qt)
    5 Von rio tetras
    4 peppered cories (10 more in qt)
    4 syno lucipinnis catfish
    1 kribensis
    1 SAE (will add 1 more later)
    2 lf and 1 sf yellow blue eyed bn plecos
    1 lf chocolate marble bn pleco
    A bunch of ramshorn snails, lol.

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