I did a change over from a discus tank to a Mbuna tank.
This was done quickly. The discus tank had a substrate of pool sand and a bunch of Amazon swords.
I took the tank down, emptied the sand out and added about 70 pounds of lace rock and added the pool sand back around the rock.

I am running a Rena XP3 with mechanical, biological, and purigen. I am also running a Hydora 425 gph wave maker and a Rena XP2 with just mechanical filtration and purigen in it. I have an air pump powering 2 air stones to oxygenate the water.

I added Seachem Cichlid Salt and Malawi buffer to the tank and let it run for about 4 days before adding the new stock. During those 4 days the tank was cloudy for 2 of them while the sand settled and the rock became water logged. I checked the pH and it was and still is at 8.0

I added my new Mbuna's and within a few days the water has become cloudy. It is not an algae bloom. It looks like bits of fine sand floating in the water column. I have done a 30% water change, cleaned the canisters, and added a new dose of buffer for the amount of water changed. The water is a bit clearer but it there is still quite a bit of particulate floating.

I am trying to figure out if the particulate is from the the fish digging in the sand or if this is from the fish pecking on the rock, or if the rock is just naturally breaking down and releasing into the water column.

I would love to know how to get this particulate out of the water column or is this something I will have to live with while keeping mbuna's?

I have room in the tank to add a couple of sponge filters. Would those help in keeping the particulate out of the column?