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Thread: Shops with Plants?

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    Shops with Plants?

    I need a few plants for a 20gal. tank and can't find much at Petco or PetsMart. Looking for multiple varieties short and tall and something that does well as a floating plant to provide some cover for shy tetra species. I've been to multiple branches of the above stores and just don't care for the selection...which is always minimal.

    Are there any Atlanta shops that carry more than the chain operations? Yes I know, I just missed the Spring auction. :)


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    premier aquatics Has a nice selection. June meeting it also coming up. And I can say that there will be some myriophyllum mattogrossense and maybe some Cabomba caroliniana.

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    I am finding that the buy/sell/trade sections of fish forums like this one is a good source for nice healthy plants. Just make sure the person you are ordering from has experience shipping if it is not a local pick up. I have gotten some really nice plants lately that have been difficult to find online and nearly impossible to find in local stores.

    Online places like trinsfish, aquatic arts, even amazon seem to have a better selection than the box stores.

    I have only been to Premier once a couple weeks ago for the AAAA barbecue. They did seem to have a good variety of plants so you may check them out before searching online and paying shipping cost.

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    Thanks Lostsoul and treema, great suggestions.

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    Thanks Sensed. I found a nice assortment of plants at Premier (better than anywhere else locally) but still no floating plants. I've found my Tetras really feel comfortable and more lively with a little something floating. I'll check this out.

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    There was all kinds of frogbit and salvinia at the mini-auction (not so mini with about 150 items) after the meeting last week for a about $1 per bag. I think there was some water lettuce and duckweed that was pretty much given away. I bet if you post on the facebook page, someone would be willing to just give you some. Once that stuff starts growing, you never have to buy it again.

    I think the next meeting we will have one of our club members, Jeff Miotke (Mot on this forum), speaking about aquascaping. Google search him and see some of his work. It is spectacular so we should learn some good stuff. And maybe pick up some good stuff at the auction after??

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    Shops with Plants

    Bacopa and Ludwigia are both marsh plants and will grow the same. Wet feet with leaves above water and they will even flower. - .

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    @Hawker - did you ever find the floating plants you needed?

    I'm coming very late to this conversation . . . haven't signed on for a while. But, here are my two cents if you're still looking:

    First, I agree with what's been said here. I buy my plants primarily online, or at Premier Aquatics. Or, if I'm visiting Florida, I just keep a plastic bag nearby.

    As for specific recommendations, I have three floating plants which have flourished in my tanks. Here are some pictures from my tanks, with descriptions to follow:
    IMG_1217 (Large).jpgIMG_2043 (Large).jpgIMG_2167 (Large).jpgIMG_2587 (Large).jpg

    1. Dwarf Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratioes). I got a few pieces from Premier Aquatics, and now they are everywhere. I don't do anything to care for them, except throw away handfuls from time to time.

    2. Nymphoides cristatus (or one of its cousins). This plant is basically a water lily. It will send stems to the surface, and then spread out with floating leaves and delicate white flowers. Roots will develop at the base of the leaves, and these can easily be planted elsewhere. If I have one complaint, it's that the root system (in my tanks) gets huge and pushes up above the substrate. Not a huge problem, depending on your tastes. Oh, and if you ever have to uproot it, half the tank is coming with it. I once pilfered a single floating leaf from the Huntsville Botanical Gardens while in college. From that leaf, I had 10-15 years of plants, in multiple aquariums, until I killed them with carelessness during a move. The one I have now, I bought maybe 8 years ago at the Pike Nurseries in Buckhead at 4020 Roswell Road.

    3. Duckweed. I don't know the name of the variety I have, or whether I have a native or tropical species; but I got some from Premier Aquatics, and I can't get rid of it. I now have an adversarial relationship with the stuff, because it gets everywhere and blocks light to the bottom-dwelling plants. I have to use a net to scoop it out constantly.

    4. Valisneria americana (I think). This is not exactly a floating plant, but in my tanks it has grown as long as 7 feet, meaning of course that it's draped all over the surface much like a floating plant. (I didn't add pics). Oddly enough, I got it from a local lake and it just blew up in my tropical tanks. Here's a picture that someone else posted to Flickr. (btw, he has some wonderful photos on his Flickr page, particularly if you like aquatic life).

    So, if you've read this far, my final point is, I'm glad to provide you with some of these for free. I live in Douglasville, but I wouldn't mind meeting downtown or anywhere within, say, 30 mins of Douglasville. Just let me know.
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    Little old, but for future folks:

    Premier, IME, definitely has the best selection of plants in the area. Both in tanks and their selection of tissue culture plants.

    Been a few years since I've been here, but Creation Reef and Aquatics used to have a decent selection.

    If you're running CO2, Petsmart always has a standard 5 or 6 tissue culture plants. Some are best in a co2 enriched environment, but some like the crypts will be fine without co2.

    But for the broadest selection, online shops and forums are the best


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