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Thread: WANTED: EHEIM 2026 or 2028

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    WANTED: EHEIM 2026 or 2028

    Hello, 4A friends-- I managed to revive my EHEIM 2026 canister filter after it leaked in the main gasket. It has given good service and continues to pump at good volume for my 50 G community planted tank. The only problem is that parts continue to wear and replacements are very expensive on EBAY. If anyone has a 2026 or 2028 that is not in use, I would be very interested to obtain it. Prefer one in working condition but, if not, would like it for spare parts. Please PM me if you have one to sell or spare. Thanks!

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    Try checking out They basicly have every Ehiem part you can think of and then some.

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    Hello, Again-- Checked Big Al's parts. They don't carry parts for the 2026-2028, probably because those models are obsolescent. So I still am interested in any 4A member who has one of these 2 canisters and is willing to part with one!

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