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Thread: Assassin Snails

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    Assassin Snails

    I bought 5 assassin snails from liveaquaria but am scared to put them in my tank after reading horror stories about them attacking shrimp. I only got them as a safeguard against my pest snail issue exploding again, but I'm thinking it really should be fine after I took down and re-scaped my tank. They just arrived today, look great, and I would love for someone to buy them off me. I paid $22, they are yours for $15. I'm in the Lake Claire neighborhood near Candler Park. Cross-posted to the facebook group page.
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    If I may, I can offer some advice regarding pest snails. Pest snails are commonly seen as a nuisance, though they can be quite beneficial. They eat a great deal of detritus, and contrary to popular belief, they only eat decaying plants. Furthermore, I have kept assassin snails with shrimp before, and never had any problems. This is not to say that problems will not exist, however. Moreover, if you reduce your feeding in the shrimp, the snail population should decrease

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    You got a bad deal. I sell assassin snails for $1 each. But my gammarus shrimp in their tank do very well. I do not know about other shrimp though.

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