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Thread: Cyrichromis Leprosoma water parameters

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    Question Cyrichromis Leprosoma water parameters

    Just got these fish at May meeting. Goal is to put them in a 29g tank w Tanichthys albonubus (White cloud minnows). My tap water is soft with a high Ph. On line find they need hard water w high pH. Do you whom breed them adjust the water parameters w chemicals or do they adjust since are bred in captivity?

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    Tanginikan fish. In the lake, the water is so hard it deposit scale on everything and cements shells into huge slabs. Soft water with a high pH will drop in pH over time, so many use dolomite or crushed coral as a substrate to keep the hardness up. Cichlid are very adaptable and how tolerant they may depend on how long they've been in the hobby. Hopefully the seller will tell you where he keeps them.

    My recommendations:
    Do not move the fish into lower hardness water without acclimated slowly.
    Do not let the pH go below 7.5 or TDS below 100 ppm. This is asking for trouble.

    In the lake, pH = 8.5-9+, TDS 300+

    Since its a small tank, a container of Kent's cichlid buffer will last a while. or use the old DIY mix (1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp sea salt (like instant ocean), 1 tbsp epsom salts for each 5 gallons).
    If you decide to alter you water chemistry, get a pH and TDS test (pens are great) and be super careful with water changes. Tanganyikans do not like change.

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    Thanks for the info. Seems I would do best w small water changes using water treated a few days in advance.


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