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Thread: Synodontis Lucipinnis (false petricola) for trade (or sale)

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    Synodontis Lucipinnis (false petricola) for trade (or sale)

    I have 4 of these catfish that do not fit into my stock any longer. They were sold to me as petricola, but I have since figured out that they are actually lucipinnis. Very nice looking catfish that mostly stay hidden, but you do see them out and about daily, especially at feeding time.

    I would love to make a trade with someone that could give them a good home. Temp range is 71.6 - 75.2 according to planet catfish. Here is a link:

    I am game for peaceful cooler temp fish (74 degrees) that can live with neon tetras, peppered cories, etc. (including those since I need to really beef up their school/shoal), plants, driftwood. If you got something you would like to trade, let's talk.

    If you want them, but do not have anything to trade, make me an offer.

    I live in the North Georgia area, but can meet up somewhere between here and Atlanta if necessary.

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    Any chances someone would want these before I do fish shuffling this weekend?

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    Where in NGa are you located?

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    Decided to take a chance with these guys in the 125 with neon tetras. They have been living with celestial pearl danios for a couple years so I am thinking the neons are safe.

    Mods, you can close this thread. Thanks!

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