Aquascape presentation with Andrea Ongaro of Seachem on July 7th @ Premier Aquatics!!!

"Approaches of the Planted Aquarium"
By. Andrea Ongaro

July 7th 1:00PM @ Premier Aquatics.
- Aquascape setup give away!!!
- More raffles and prizes provided by Seachem!!

This is going to be an amazing event for all the freshwater and planted aquarium enthusiasts! It is entirely free and open to the public! There will be an aquascape setup live at the event by Andrea and later given away to a lucky person in attendance! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT!

Andrea Ongaro is a graduate of Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Udine (Italy). His previous experience includes the promotions and management of ornamental landscaping, in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Udine.

In 2006 Andrea became interested in the aquarium hobby. His prior agronomical knowledge and passion for architecture and design helped to significantly enhance Andrea's knowledge about planted aquariums and aquascaping techniques.

Mr. Ongaro has participated in many important aquascaping competitions resulting in the following accolades:

- 2nd Place TBNAD (The Nature Aquarium Design Contest)
- Honorable Mention AGA 2011 (Aquatic Gardeners Assoc)
- Ranked twice Top 100 on IAPLC

In 2015 Andrea became a Sales Representative with CIA srl, an Italian Seachem distributor. Promoting the Seachem brand and incorporating aquascaping workshops and events into his travels. Andrea began working as an International Representative for Seachem Labs in 2016. continuing education of the planted aquarium concept.

Below are some examples of Andrea's past work...