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Thread: 7 inch female red dragon flowerhorn cichlid.

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    7 inch female red dragon flowerhorn cichlid.

    Looking to find a new home for my flowerhorn as I dont have the space to keep her. She does seem to be a little aggressive and not sure how she would do with other tank mates sense she has been alone in the tank for about 8 months now. The tank she is in is also for sale too. Its a 75 gallon tank that was drilled for a sump or canister filtration and the back and sides are painted black. The tank is fairly used but still in good usable shape and the stand was homemade, not the prettiest but it all works fine and holds water with no problems. Tank comes with stand, heater, and glass tops. Send me your best offers for the fish or the tank. Id prefer to sell both the tank and the fish together but if not the fish must sell first before the tank.

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    willing to sell tank before fish. Just know she will be going to a pet store where she may or may not get a good home if not sold first. Hate to do it but I need her gone. She keeps laying eggs every other month or so, would love to see her go to a home with a mate. Let me know, hit me with an offer.

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