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Thread: Special Ed teacher looking for classroom setup

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    Special Ed teacher looking for classroom setup

    Just a head's up for any help we can get here-
    Kim Bates Johnson and I are both Spec Ed teachers who specialize in behavior.

    I've had a tank in my calming room these last few years,the kids REALLY respond to it, and Kim would like to set up something similar.

    Does anyone have a lead on a tank setup she can get started with for the upcoming school year?

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    Any particular size or dimension desired? 20 gal High, 20 gal Long, 55 gal etc. Do you need a stand for it?

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    I told her I thought a 30-55 gallon would be good inside a classroom- good visibility, multiple kids can observe at a time.

    And yessir-she's a beginner-she needs to find everything (tank, stand, filter)

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    Hey! I set up tanks professionally (on a budget!) shoot me a text at 6787612933, I have references and pics/prices of some setups :)


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