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Thread: Fish and/or 58 gallon Oceanic setup

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    Fish and/or 58 gallon Oceanic setup

    Moving soon and unable to take aquarium. I am offering all the fish and/or an Oceanic 58 gallon aquarium, stand, 36in fluval led plant strip, filters for free (fluval 306 canister, aqueon power)

    8 or 9 Angels about 1.5 years old
    6 Clown loaches 2 years old
    2 Bushy nose plecos. they are breeding and laying eggs about every three months. I have never had any hatch, but think clown loaches get eggs first
    1 cory
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    Depending on your location, I'll take the Plecos and I may have room for an Angel or two

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    I have a teacher looking for a tank/filter set up for her classroom.

    Where are you located?

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    I will be happy to take the clown loaches....I have a 215gal tank they'll grow into quite nicely.

    I'll pickup or meet close to your location.


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    All fish have now found new home
    only tank setup available

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    Where are you located?

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    The tank has now found a new home.


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