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Thread: Tank mates help!!!

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    Tank mates help!!!

    I have a 55 gallon with 5 blood parrots (1-7"/1-4"/2-3"/1-2") and a 6" common pleco (see pics). I am looking for a 125 gallon upgrade. Can I put peacocks with blood parrots? If not, what are good tank mates for blood parrots. Looking for colorful tank mates.

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    I have an oceanic 125 and stand, the stand needs a paint job but structurally is all good, its stained brown right now, tank is light brown wood grain , would take 250.00 for the set, its at my warehouse in Lawrenceville.

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    Although blood parrots harass othe fish typically, remember because of their mouths they can do no real damage.

    I have kept them with the following:

    Serpae size tetras
    Silver dollars
    Chocolate cichlid
    Royal acara


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