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Thread: First meeting and "Mini Auction" was a doozy!

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    First meeting and "Mini Auction" was a doozy!

    Hi All,

    Im Alex and have had an aquarium since 2003 with Mbuna, started with a 20L and progressed to a 55. Now im into Peacock Cichlids and oddly enough plants. Im still learning, just started plants in a 20H. Its always something new!

    Im a real estate agent and project assistant, always something to do and pretty busy but I enjoy my aquariums, rock hounding and movies. I plan on attending as many meetings as time permits.

    The first meeting was great, really enjoyed the presentation on Auquascaping and the not so "mini auction". I sold a few peacocks and some lace agate, and bought a few things. Looking forward to the next time!

    It was a pleasure meeting everyone! Im on facebook so feel free to friend me. Im a member of the Georgia Mineral Society (rock collecting) I would like to bring the two together some, lets see what happens!

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    Welcome Alex!

    It was great to chat with you and talk about the GMS. Like I mentioned, we have a few people that I know are interested in rock collecting. I looked at a bit and just have to figure out my calendar.



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