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Thread: Emergency!! Tank leaking

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    Emergency!! Tank leaking

    Can someone please rescue my fish NOW. My tank is leaking. I have a beautiful Red Devil, 3 synodonis catfish, a convict and a Jack Dempsey. Call me at 313.515.5336. Iím south east atl area near Ellenwood.

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    Sorry, I donít live anywhere near your area, but can offer some advice. Run get a Rubbermaid type tub or two. 30g size should be good. Drain the tank water into them or add some clean dechlorinated water matching the temp as close as possible to tank. Put filter(s) and heater(s) on/in tub with some decor to reduce stress.

    That should hold the fish for a day or two while you figure out the tank situation.

    What size tank? I think Petco has their dollar per gallon sale going on right now.

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    Thanks, but someone came to the rescue and took the fish.


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