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Thread: Crystal red shrimp

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    Crystal red shrimp

    I have about 100+ in my 29 gallon I bought about 10 from someone on the forum 2 years ago they have been breeding like crazy I have them in regular tap water I just condition with some prime will include some moss I'm located in doraville I can meet around gwinnett also

    10+ for 40
    20 for 50
    30 for 80
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    Is it still available? I really like info at It's pretty fun.
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    Yes I have a lot of them

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    I tired to reply to your thread but do not see my reply. I am a new member and I am planning on coming to the meeting on the 18th of this month. If you are planning on attending, I would like to get some of the shrimp from you. I live about 150 miles south of Atlanta.


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