• 08-18-2018
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    BOWL SHOW, August 18th!

    Hello everybody! I know there have been lots of inquiries about this, so without further ado, itís time to announce the 2018Ö
    Come one, come all, to the Atlanta Area Aquarium Associationís 2018 bowl show, where you can see (and paid members can enter) amazing fish for cash prizes!
    First place: $50
    Second place: $30
    Third place: $20
    ALL ENTRANTS: A specialized certificate of participation with an origami fish, and the admiration of the club.

    This sounds great, how do I do this?! Glad you asked.
    You supply your own water, display container, and fish
    Display container can be up to 10 gallons in size, and must have at least one flat plane for photography and judging
    TWO entries per paid member this year, only one (with the highest score) will be allowed to place
    Entered fish should be a single fish, or a mated pair/trio
    NO decor or lights! Fish and water only. We do love our fishy friends, though, so a bubbler will be allowed to run during set up and during our SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT Q&A session. Please remove immediately prior to judging
    DISPLAY ONLY entries are allowed, if you think your fish is just so awesome that it will blow everyone elseís out of the water, or if you donít want to give the appearance of conflict of interest (me, LOL)
    Scoring will be done by a point system. Each meeting attendee, member or not, will be given color coded slips of paper. One will be worth 2 points, one will be worth 1 point. You will get to pick the best fish (for our pros who have judged fish before, you can use grading system if you want, most of us will probably just pick our favorite). Drop it in the cup, and after about a 20 minute judging period, points will be tallied and winners announced.
    The winning fish stay with their keepers. We donít auction them off at the end ó unless you want to.

    Please be on site at 1:05 pm for set-up. I hope to see lots of cool entries in August! Any other questions, please email Heather ó
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