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Thread: Mystery Snail Clutches

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    Mystery Snail Clutches

    I have mystery snail clutches that I do not want to hatch and raise. Is anyone interested in them to hatch and raise yourself?

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    My daughter might be interested - she aspires to be a snail breeder. :)
    What color are they and where are you located?

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    The tank has 3 purple, 3 blue, and 1 ivory snails so any combination of those. I have all three colors growing out right now hatched from two clutches.

    I will also have some from a magenta/ivory pair if they keep laying.

    I am in North Georgia area, Chatsworth.

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    A little far away for me. Bummer.

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    Maybe I will have some in September to bring to the auction for ya. I don’t think I will make the August meeting. That is my vacation week.

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    If you have some at the auction, I'd definitely be interested. I'm on vacation the week of the Aug meeting, also. :)

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    If they keep it up, I should.

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