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Thread: Angelfish Rich!

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    Angelfish Rich!

    Itís about time to thin the herd. I have an interesting dynamic going on in my 55g. Attempting to find mates for my two black lace female angelfish, based on the breeding tubes and behaviors, I believe I picked two males. A PB Smokey and a PB platinum pearlscale (from Larry Bugg).

    The interesting part is that the two females seemed to have paired up with the same male (smokey) and he is keeping the platinum away from that side of the tank. I have sat and observed them trying to decide if itís time to put in the divider or wait and see what this trio does. All three are taking turns cleaning the leaf.......

    Poor rejected platinum

    And I have this beautiful comb tail veil pearlscale PB platinum. Only issue is that she just has one ventral fin so not a breeding prospect. She would make a gorgeous centerpiece.

    ALSO, these two seemed to be pairing off in the 45g and keeping the other two in that tank at bay. Based on breeding tubes, platinum is a male and Smokey a female. Of course I never know 100% until breeding occurs.

    Two more smokies to figure out what to do with as well. Not sure of sex of those yet. My plans are to end up with just the 4 in the 55g.

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    I haven't had any trios of angelfish but I have definitely heard of it. As well as two females pairing up and both laying. Wonder if it ever happens in the wild? 3 cichlid parents has got to be even better than two right? Lol

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    If you have the opportunity to witness the spawn, separate the third wheel. If you don't, I'd let it be as is.

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    Someone else has told me they have heard of trios so that is why I have held off inserting the divider.

    I am always very wary of angelfish during breeding. Things can turn ugly really quickly and above all I want to make sure my black lace female is safe.

    I hate that I have to be gone to work all day. I just want to watch these guys all day to keep tabs, lol.

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