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Thread: Where Do You Get Stone For Your Aquariums?

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    Question Where Do You Get Stone For Your Aquariums?

    Hi All

    Where can i get some unusual Stone/Rock for my aquarium in Acworth/Kennesaw Area?


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    Hello =)

    We have the following stone/rock currently in-stock at Premier Aquatics...

    - Seiryu Stone
    - Dragon Stone
    - Samurai Stone
    - Maple Leaf / Spider Web Rock
    - Yangste Stone
    - Shodo Rock
    - Grey Mountain Stone
    - Redwood Stone
    - Black Lava Rock
    - Gobi Rock
    - Freak Stone, Jade Stone, and Ocean Flower Stone
    - Woodstone Stone
    - Red Jasper Rock
    - Tiger's Eye Rock
    - Petrified Wood
    - Black River Stone

    Prices range from $2.99/lb to $5.99/lb depending on the type of stone. We are located in Marietta near the Big Chicken
    Jakub Lapinski - Premier Aquatics Manager
    Premier Aquatics - (770) 321-8404
    Email -

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    If you live on the east or south sides and are not near your neck of the woods for the day, we usually have to hit up the yard.
    Maybe Home Depot or a garden supply place.

    But, you don't get the varieties and you have to do all the research yourself on chemistry and what leaches what into the water...
    - Jeremy

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    I have gone to Premier(Marietta), Optimum(Kennesaw). I have also used the internet but I do not remember the sites that I have used. I have also gone on walks at parks and just around in general.

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    Thanks Everyone

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    Where Do You Get Stone For Your Aquariums?

    Look for the thread posted by Mot and see if he has any seiryu stone left. I got a batch in April and put them in my 125g (see my tank build thread).

    Edit: Better yet google Jeff Mioyke (Mot) and see what he does with them.

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