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Thread: Keeping Sakura Red shrimp in a planted tank

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    Keeping Sakura Red shrimp in a planted tank

    Do I need to add anything to the water when keeping Sakura red shrimp. I have a 7 gallon cube heavily planted with a little driftwood and about a tablespoon of crushed coral in the gravel. Tank is about a year established only snails in there now. I tested for ammonia nitrates and nitrite and they are good. Ph is around 6.5. Not sure about the tds. Any advice?

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    I use Bacter AE in my shrimp tank about 3 times a week.

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    Thanks! I saw that and wasn’t sure about it. I’ve had a group of six Sakura in this tank for about a week and one died last night. I was thinking it was something I fed them, I gave them 1 pellet of xtreme aquatic scavenger yesterday morning but I think that is safe. Maybe a molting problem.

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    A Ph of 6.5 is pretty low for neos .

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    If you're worried about a lack of calcium and or molting issues, a wonder shell would be a good addition. I add one every now and again.

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