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Thread: Acrylic Fish/Turtle Tank 180 Gal/336 Gal

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    Acrylic Fish/Turtle Tank 180 Gal/336 Gal

    NEW PRICE $200 I,m selling an acrylic tank with stand, acrylic wet/dry sump, sump media, cover, Jehmco DAPMH15 do aphragm air pump, little giant water pump, Finnex 800 watt heater w/controller. NEW PRICE $200.

    This tank is made from .50" acrylic and was originally designed and used to house turtles and fish. The tank holds approximately 180 gallons of water at half full, which is what it is designed to hold.
    The overall tank demisions are 6' L X 36" T X 30" D. The stand is 36" tall. The tank is designed with a gravity water return back to the wet/dry filter under the tank in the stand. There are 5 water supply tubes that take water from the filter sump and push it back up to the tank. So there are no exposed air lines or piping. The tank is currently empty and has no leaks.

    I got the tank used and it has some small scratches from the turtles that were kept in the tank and some other minimal scratches on the outside. I've had the tank for 3 years and started with 2" Afircan Cichlids which grew in number over the years. I had approximately 25 fish ranging from 1" to 8" when I shut it down. I sold all the fish at the Fall AAAA auction this September.

    I Will help with dissembling and loading.

    Please contact me via PM.

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