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Thread: Cardinals and Phantoms - to a good home

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    Cardinals and Phantoms - to a good home

    I have about 10 cardinals and 6 phantoms that I want to rehome while I travel and break down my aquarium for the next contest. First come first serve.

    Im in Alpharetta.


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    Awwww! If they were neons, I would be right there (well, not really because I am in Northwest GA, but as soon as possible, lol). Too bad for me cardinals have different temp needs. I am building a school of neons and will add green fire tetras in the 125g.

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    I'll take them. Can probably pick up tomorrow evening

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    If Suwanee can't make it, let me know. I'm in Alpharetta almost everyday.

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    So Suwannee Fishkeeper should be by to pick them up tonight. Ill let you all know otherwise.


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    The fish are in there new home. Thanks Neil. My apologies to the wife. Had I known she was in the car I would have been happy to have her in and get her a nice beverage!


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