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Thread: Jeff Miotke's Aquascapes

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    Jeff Miotke's Aquascapes

    Here is my farm tank that is currently growing plants out for the Aquatic Experience live large aquarium contest in New Jersey in October. Someone asked during my presentation about longevity of the plants and how often they have to be pulled and replanted. My response was not very often. They should stay bushy all the way to the bottom for a long time if your doing it correctly. Here is a picture of plants that have been trimmed over and over for 9 months. I don't see any reason why setups like this cant last over a year and longer without uprooting.

    I have been in China competing in the world aquascaping competition and just returned so plants are all overgrown and will be trimmed shortly. I trim about every 1 to 2 weeks heavily.


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    Wow, that is amazing!

    I am assuming you did well in the world aquascaping competition.

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    Yes. I had my best year yet. Was Rank 84 out of 2000 in IAPLC and 22nd rank out of 1000 in CIAC. Was awarded a fully paid trip to China to compete live with the best from 26 other countries. The live event we were given all the raw materials and 6 hours. Ended up Rank 7 in the world at the live event. Looking forward to next year.

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    Congratulations! You have a real skill and talent.

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    Absolutely stunning as always Jeff. Keep up the amazing work!

    Love that overgrown grow out tank too! =)
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    Oh my!!! Very impressive aquascape! The work of a true master. Congratulations!


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    WOW. Congrats on your success. Very impressive.

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    Thank you all. Im hopeful to be in town for a meeting. Maybe December will work out.

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    December 1 is a party meeting, which will start at noon. Gift exchange/battle (participation optional), plus the Fish Bucks special auction. Food, of course. Be prepared to spend the afternoon.

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    I'm super new and live in chamblee. I really love this scape you showed. I just got a 12 gallon long (35x8x9) with a u2 Fluval filter and Fluval 3 plant light. That's all I have.


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