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Thread: All kinds of aquarium stuff

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    All kinds of aquarium stuff

    Aquarium stuff for sale
    Pending pick up 2- New never used in original packaging Marina 300 W heaters $10 each
    2-fluval hob filters $15 obo each no media
    Pending pick up 2-used heaters $5 each
    Sold 1-20 gallon sump $40 with bio balls
    1- pf-800 eshopps over flow box $30
    4- automatic feeders
    Sold 1-bubble wall
    1-Aquaticlife 4’ 3 bulb fluorescent light fixture with lamps $30
    1-Aqueon 4’ 2 bulb Fluorescent light fixture with lamps $20
    1-29 gallon tank with under gravel filter substrate net lamp and hob filter with extra parts $15
    Sold 4-10 gallon tanks with various pumps, filters, lamps etc. $20 for all
    Sold Live plants bolbitis, Anubis v. (Several varieties), java fern
    Rocks, shells, deco, wood etc.
    misc water treatments, medications etc.
    let me know what you want pictures of. Would make a deal if someone wants all of it. I want this stuff gone. I will ship it if you want I am negotiable if you have a use for something make me an offer.

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    How much for the air pumps?

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    I figured they would go with the tanks.

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    What size is the filter?

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    What type of automatic feeders? Pictures and price please

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    Which filters? The fluval hobs?

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    Interested in sump. Sending pm

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    The automatic feeders are all battery operated they are not worth more than a couple of bucks each. I can take pictures tomorrow if you are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by byork View Post
    Which filters? The fluval hobs?
    Yes the the Fluvals. In addition to the size which line are they? C series? Aquaclear?

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    They are C series. C3 I believe


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