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Thread: All kinds of aquarium stuff

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    Yes they are
    Great...are you available later this afternoon/early evening? I'll be driving back home from S. Carolina and should be around Braselton between 6-8pm.

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    That should work if Iím not here my husband will be. Iíll pm you

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    What is the big plant (not java fern, but the other one)?

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    bolbitis heudelotii

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    Wow! That is a huge chunk of African water fern. I just got some of the mini version to attach to a branch.

    If no takers before the meeting on the 20th, would you be able to meet and deliver the plant then? I am too far north to make the drive and meet up before then.

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    I donít have time to go to meetings anymore. I would ship it to you. I will take PayPal. Iím sure it would be fine packaged in a large flat rate box.


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