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Thread: Is my OB peacock going blind?

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    Is my OB peacock going blind?

    I noticed a white dot on my peacocks eye a couple of weeks ago. I quarantined him to a 10 gallon add aquarium salt, removed carbon from filter, added api melafix and fungus cure. Did a 75% water change every 48 hours and repeated this routine for a week. The dot disappeared but the looked funny as if it was starting to deteriorate. I stopped treatment keep him in quarantine and I have been monitoring him closely. He is very active and great appetite but I can tell his vision is impaired as he misses his food at times when he is trying to eat.

    Please look at the pictures of good eye versus bad eye and let me know what to do. What is it? Can I cure him? Is it too late? Will he be permanently blind in that eye? Should I put him back with my other african cichlids?

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    Cloudy eyes is a symptom of something, usually attributable to poor water quality or stress. Was it being picked on in the other tank? Was there a lapse in water changes lately?

    Infection can be the underlying cause and may need antibiotics, but I would do some research first. There are so many different antibiotics and you have to determine if you need something for gram + or gram - bacteria.

    Frequent large water changes is a good move. Maybe someone much better than me will chime in. If not, go to the forum There are some great folks on there that can help with diagnosing and treatment recommendations.

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    It looks like a cataract problem, but it seems to me that your OB peacock is a female that is holding eggs in her mouth.


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