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Thread: October Meeting 8/20/18

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    October Meeting 8/20/18

    On October 20th, AAAA member David Ramsey will share his talk “After the First Tank, Now What?” Once the fish keeping bug has bitten, the realization of the cost sets in. David’s talk will revolutionize your ability to DIY affordable aquarium equipment and you will never look at a big box hardware store the same way again! Doors open at 1 PM at the Windy Hill Community Center. Please arrive early to register mini-auction bags. The talk and auction are free and open to the public!

    See you there!

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    Will he be addressing white bucket syndrome?

    Remember that credit cards are accepted for auction payments, but cash is preferred and much easier for our treasurer, especially at the mini-auctions.

    Feel free to post what you will be bringing to the mini-auction. Someone may be looking for the item or species you want to sell.


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