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Thread: Greeting From Savannah

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    Greeting From Savannah

    I'm still relatively new in the hobby but I'm extremely passionate about fishkeeping and looking expand my horizons. I have 20L freshwater community tank and a 8 gallon planted bowl that's currently cycling and I desperate to learn more beyond what I have right now. I'm interested in making connections with the the larger fishkeeping community in Georgia but especially in the Savannah area and was hoping this might be the place to start.

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    Welcome. You may want to join the actual club, as well as having a forum presence. The club meets once a month near Atlanta (Windy Hill Community Center), and the typical format is a few minutes of official business, followed by a presentation on some aspect of the hobby. The speakers are always quite good, and there is a lot of experience behind every program. The meeting ends with a meeting auction, where live goods (usually fish from breeding and extra plants) and hard goods are sold. It is a lively time, and you may come away with something special. Attendees are very social, and of course the main topic of conversations will be fish, aquariums, fish, plants and fish. Twice a year (spring, fall) the club hosts all-day auctions, and a summer-month meeting and the December meeting are strictly social. Next up is the holiday party on 12/1, with gift exchange/battle and Fish Bucks only auction, plus food.

    Don't let your location inhibit you from all this. I drive from north of Chattanooga.

    Also, look for the AAAA Facebook page. There is plenty of action there as well.

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    Savannah is a little bit of a haul, but this is an excellent place to ask if you have any questions!
    Many people get sucked in with just a 10 Gallon tank to start!
    - Jeremy

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    Welcome to the group! We all had to start somewhere in this hobby, and this is a great place to gain knowledge, as there is a multitude of seasoned aquarists here!


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